Moving Forward in Your Faith

Jesus compares our faith relationship with Him in a lot of different ways: like a house built on the rock verses a house built on the sand; or like a tree that bears fruit or withers up and dies.  He talks about taking care of us as a shepherd cares for his sheep: leading them, protecting them and searching them out.  The truth is that placing our faith in Him is just the first step.  It's just the beginning.  To help us go deep in our faith with God we provide several opportunities to get plugged in and move forward.  Don't wait to get started!  

Inside Track is an opportunity to find out about our vision, mission, and learn more about personal growth with the Lord

Going Deep with God

Discipleship is vital to all of us who place our faith in Jesus. This is where we dig in and dig deep to understand how God's Word relates to our lives.

Disciple Portal