Partnership is our term for membership.  We are all members of something - the local gym, the local grocery store, our favorite coffee shop. Partnership is more to us than just a card in our wallet or purse - it is joining together (partnering) with the vision of Covenant Church and with what God has called us to do.

At Covenant Church partnership happens when each one of us discovers our unique giftings and talents; and then uses them to see the vision come to pass.

Interested in learning more about the church?
 Come on out and kick the tires, look under the hood and ask all the questions you want.  

The Inside Track is one of the ways you can do that!  This class will introduce you to the vision of Covenant Church, what we believe, and help you find your place in the mission.  This class is a ton of fun as we offer a personality and spiritual giftings test to really help each person discover ways they can connect with the vision of Covenant Church and serve in a way that fulfills each person.  

The Inside Track is offered the first Monday of every month @ 6:00pm @ the Burr Oak Campus.  Refreshments and childcare are available.  To register for Inside Track fill out a Connections Card at church and turn it into the info center or contact the church office.  

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